EFA-2K Holster $75.00CAD

EFA-2K EFA-2K is a special holster for Makarov pistol. It fits to all versions of Makarov pistol including high capacity models.

EFA-2K can be used as both
- a regular pull up holster without loading the pistol
- a quick loading push through holster.

The pistolís safety must be on when holstering. To load the pistol quickly with one hand, hold and firmly push the pistol downward through the holster. The special holster mechanism will switch safety off, chamber a round *, and cock the hammer. The gun is ready to shoot in less than a second.

* Note: if round was in chamber prior to push-through action it will be ejected and thrown out through the holster window, a new round will be chambered.
Pistol is not included

Attention: EFA-2K features open trigger design. Never put your finger on the trigger until you are aiming at the target and ready to shoot. Improper and careless handling of the gun could result in unintentional discharge and could cause injury or death.

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